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LinuxCafe 20-12-2016

Hello Linuxers!

I have been busy with my mac this week, but i am here for the War, I will be buying a Micromax and will see how to put Ubuntu on it, I really don’t know how it will end up.

Also for the “free” lovers out there there is Open Office and Commode Linux.


See you soon!


LinuxCafe 1 December 2016

Hi linuxers, so today theres some positive news from Skype, they’re saying they’ve got SMS possibilities with their new  LINux Version. Amiga OS 4.1 also came out.

Ubuntu Based, Zorin LINUS also released, it’s nice and interesting to install — (for all us Ubuntu lovers)

Fedora 25, is also available, interesting for Fedora lovers (I’m an ubuntu/mac/windows)



Wednesday November 30 – 2016 LinuxCAfe

Hi linuxers, today is a quiet day for Linux, Microsoft is trying to pull some devs away from the Linux Kernel and in to the Windows 10, world. It should work as Linux is becoming less the Main Baby, and more the mature dating bachelor. Android is still #1 but iPhone iOS is catching up on the lead.

some links:

Microsoft Exec Urges Linux Developers To Try Windows 10

Microsoft Goes All In for Linux

LinuxCafe – 29-11-2016

Hi Gamers & OS Lovers,  today is special because i got a new Microsoft Notebook! the Ibook It is great, Fast and Light. it is Way thinner than my MacBookPro – 2009 and at 12k Rupees it is cheap and easy. It doesn’t allow running Linux 🙁 but at that i will find a way to put it on!!!!


!~LinuxCafe Admin !~

LinuxCafe 22-November-2016

Hello linuxers!

Today is a slow day for us Linuxer’s there isn’t much talk about the Gaming sector. But there is some talk in the Ubuntu Sector. There getting ready for a new type of future: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

Virtual Reality is the Future and there is no doubt about that!

Augmented Reality is how Pokemon GO has started the craze, it is for the future of games and children.




NIXCafe 21-11-16

Hello fellow linuxers,

Today is a cool day for Linux, Zobrin OS released today, but still can’t hold up against UBUNTU. Gamers Behold: I’m now on an Apple MBP – 2009, it’s fast and handles games/task well. thanks to the 8GB Ram Upgrade last month. anyone else On a Mac, but a Linuxer?


LinuxCafe Saturday Nov 19- 2016

Hi linuxers@!

Hi fellow linuxers, today we will look at Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation, Steam VR & Red Hat.

Microsoft Joined the linux foundation for need that 498 of 500 supercomputers use Linux. This is an important fact because Linux is the best option to use for the task. Steam VR is also coming soon to Linux/Mac because of the strong fan base and possibilities.

Red Hat = letting users have mp3! this is helpful for OS users that like music / youtube.



~ Sunil D – Admin

LinuxCafe OCT 18, 2016

Hi fellow linuxers,

Today  I will post about Ubuntu 16.10 –> Ubuntu at its best


Ubuntu is “The” OS for linuxers, and it will continue to be the best at Linux for Consumers.

LinuxCafe 29-9-2016

Hi fellow linuxers, today we should  look at the Alienware 15- and the MB : & Chrome  these two are fighting a lot on the notebook front. let’s see what the future holds!!


LinuxCafe 14-9-2016

Hello linuxers!

Today we will discuss Skype, an application that came as a blast from the past, it is now back for linux to be used for free / or paid, depending on the consumer.





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