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Linux 22-12-2017

Hi There, Linuxers, I have been busy for a while, so here’s some News:
UBuntu Is out with 17.10 –

So your favorites are there such as Firefox, Gimp and Thunderbird

Also Bitcoin is at the forefront of the future, if you have a Powerful Computer, You can use Nicehash to mine some bitcoin for extra money!

Also New Kernel updates happening

Also Mac sales have been slowing, with Windows Being #1 and Linux #3 we are getting there

Android has been leading the market for Phones, Hopefully Linux makes some money there.

LINUXcafe 4-5-2017

Hi Linuxers! i went to Windows this week, to catch up on Paladins and now want to play Doom, well see what happens latter on this month, hows everyone else? im liking windows 10 more than Linux now, it is fun & Photoshop / Dreamweaver is a plus.

Any new movies/hit tv shows Fans are watching?

Linuxcafe 2-5-2017

Hi Linuxers! it has been a fun month for me, ELementary OS rocks! eveyrthing easy and installed at the hand of a button, been fun. will be going back to WIndows for Paladins & Quake… hope it is fun!

How’s everyone else? What OS is being used? UBUNTU/KDE/RED-HAT/SUSE

have a fun month readers!


LinuxCafe 23-4-2017

Sup Linuxers! I just made the best decision of my life, i left Ubuntu for Elementary OS, damn it the best OS Ever!!!…. CS-GO Working, fas Firefox, Fast Email, And Cool THemes.

How many other people on ELemetary?

Furthermore i checked all my Torrent DOwnloader Apps:

I nixed the Azuereus Vuze for TRansmission, damn Vuze Sucks, Transmission Rules THe Upper Game…

LinuxCafe 7-4-2017

Hi Linuxers! i am Happy to see that GNOME Is coming back instead of UNITY in he next UBUNTU series. Also i am getting an ALienware R3 15″ So saying goodbye to my Mac & Linux (dell). How many other readers are on ALienware???

ALso: XBox Scorpio stats out now (sleeping), bunch of nothings, PS4 Pro — (Running) and Nintendo (Walking)

Hope everything turns out well!!


LinuxCafe Feb 28-2017

Hi linuxers, im back on my Ubuntu 16.10 Monster!

Having fun with CS-GO, fixed Hearthstone and also have Diablo downloading (About 8 gigs left in my 20 gb DL)  how’s everyone else?  im focusing on Firefox and RhythmBox being my main apps, working on an music app for Mozilla / Linux… might become big!



Linux Cafe 31-1-2017

Hai Linuxers, been a busy month but went back to my roots of UBUNTU but didn’t like it, im in love with my MacBookPRo and Looking to get a Razer Blade Stealth….. hows everyone else? I added everything to my UBUNTU, it worked fine, but  crashed on Hearthstone, CS-GO, No Paladins and No PS/DW/IL….

Long Live mac! (and razor)

TDNAM 30-12-2016


So it has come to a happy ending this year, stock market have gone positive and busy this year, here’s the outlook:

World markets

Shanghai 3,103.64 +7.54 (0.24%)
Nikkei 225 19,114.37 -30.77 (-0.16%)
Hang Seng Index 22,000.56 +209.65 (0.96%)
TSEC 9,253.50 +100.41 (1.10%)
FTSE 100 7,097.48 -22.78 (-0.32%)
EURO STOXX 50 3,267.81 -3.95 (-0.12%)
CAC 40 4,829.59 -8.88 (-0.18%)
S&P TSX 15,422.12 +61.02 (0.40%)
S&P/ASX 200 5,665.80 -33.30 (-0.58%)
BSE Sensex 26,638.86 +272.71 (1.03%)
TA25 1,470.78 -8.18 (-0.55%)
SMI 8,218.13 -33.00 (-0.40%)
ATX 2,627.27 -22.66 (-0.86%)
IBOVESPA 60,227.29 +445.66 (0.75%)
SET 1,542.47 +4.66 (0.30%)
BIST100 77,821.68 -14.17 (-0.02%)
IBEX 9,318.00 -9.10 (-0.10%)
WIG 51,748.57 +44.66 (0.09%)
TASI 7,210.43 -30.23 (-0.42%)
MERVAL 15,253.80 +424.42 (2.86%)
IPC 45,909.31 +346.13 (0.76%)
IDX Composite 5,296.71 -5.85 (-0.11%)

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LinuxCafe 26-12-2016

Hello Linuxers! Today has been a busy day, some links:

Linux Weather Forecast

What makes Red Hat the king of Linux? – CIO

Raspberry Pi’s Linux-Based PIXEL Desktop Now Available For PC and Mac

Hope to have served you we’ll!




LINUXCAFE 23-12-2016

Merry Christmas Linuxers around the world!

Here’s some fun christmas links:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Linux Fans


6 Ideal Last Minute Linux Xmas Gift Ideas




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